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A safe product

EuroAd has been carefully tested and well documented. Thanks to independent studies, we know that EuroAd works exactly the way we promise and that it will not damage engines, fuel systems or other parts in either the short or the long term. Moreover, EuroAd is compliant with applicable international standards and environmental requirements.


All studies and reports below can be read in its entirety. Contact us and we will tell you more!


EuroAd is, for example, compliant with the stringent requirements relating to fuel in accordance with EU standard EN 590.



EuroAd is 100 percent vegetable. Biodegradable and non-toxic. EuroAd is an analyzed product and can not damage engines, fuel systems or other associated parts in either the short or the long term.


Read more from two independent analysts.



Safety and security characterize the entire management of our product in everything from production to delivery. Our insurance solutions are also in line with our high standards of security. 


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Material safety data sheet

Read the material safety data sheet to know more details about how to handle the product.




The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an agency of the United States federal government whose mission is to protect human and environmental health.