EuroAd turns regular fuel into premium fuel

A bio-based detergent that gives more energy and reduces maintenance and emissions. Simple and ingenious, EuroAd is an easy way to make a difference quickly and actively help to make our world cleaner, while also saving money and gaining health benefits.

EuroAd is a vegetable additive that turns standard fuel into premium fuel. A fuel additive that is as simple as it is ingenious, and that can be used for all combustion process types using liquid fuels. The results are always the same: reduced fuel consumption, fewer emissions and less maintenance required. EuroAd also makes an important contribution to the battle against global warming, where CO2 emissions from combustion engines are a major contributory factor. On average EuroAd reduces fuel consumption by 10 percent. Using EuroAd also reduces climate impact, as CO2 emissions are reduced to a corresponding extent. And who wouldn't like to contribute make our world cleaner and improve human health?